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Essential Information

Home Range Roman Blinds

Home Range

Beautiful, functional and convenient

If you want a low cost, good quality blind that looks great, then this product is perfect for your home or business. Ordering is simple as BQ stocks the fabric, making it a fast and convenient option for our clients.

Our Home Range Roman Blind has battens at the back and horizontal stitching at the front. Whilst we offer a wide range of fabrics if you find a fabric that you have your heart set on using, please speak to us about sourcing if through our preferred suppliers.

Prices for this product include the supply of BQ Design fabric as well as the manufacturing of the product.

Affordable quality

BQ's Home Range products are an economical way of getting a high quality product at a very affordable price

Fast and easy

Quick and efficient turn around time – just an 8 working day turnaround.

Job Tracking

Receive you job on time every time with our innovative Job Track system.

BQ Design Home Range Roman Blinds

Selecting your blind is as easy as 1 2 3

1select your fabric



If you are a soft furnishing retail trader you can receive a quote or place an order by completing a worksheet - located in Job Track, or by phoning customer service on 1800 335 361.

If you do not have a registered trading account with BQ Design please register here.


1. Fabrics

There are over 50 fabrics to choose from, including: blockouts, translucents, screens and sheers. Select a colour and style that compliments your room. The fabric is included in the cost of the blind.


For fabric samples, please contact our office to arrange a visit from our sales team. We can also provide a sample hanger (a fee may apply) or free fabric swatches.


Block outside light entering your room while providing full privacy and inside temperature control. Fabrics are backed with a blockout solid coating. 


Allow more light in the room than blockout fabrics and provide privacy from inside and outside.


Filter light to reduce the strength of the sun, maintaining your view from inside while restricting the view from outside during the day. Help block UV rays fading floors and furnishings and control heat and glare. Dark colour fabrics give less light penetration, better glare control, greater transparency and better visibility. Light colour fabrics give greater heat protection. 


Add a soft stylish sheer touch to your windows, while allowing natural light to enter your room. Controls glare and provides see-through visibility from inside and offers greater privacy from outside during the day than night. Dark colour fabrics provide greater privacy and control over light. 

2. Additions

(only available using blockout fabric)

  • Piped base. Alternative: flanged cord
  • Piped above lathe. Alternative: flanged cord
  • 40mm band on base of blind
  • 50mm band on side edges of blind
  • 50mm band inset on side edges of blind
  • 50mm band inset on three edges of blind
  • Trim to base - fringe or braid (a fun children's room option)
  • Side flaps. To conceal side view of componentry

2. Componentry

Standard blind is cord operated with chrome cleat and acorn

Other options

  • Cord lock
  • White is supplied if colour not specified
  • Note: Chain colours available: birch white, beige, black, nickel plated brass chain (silver in colour), stainless steel bead chain
  • Motorisation also available