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pelmets Melbourne Australia


Essential Information


Finish your look with style

An interesting pelmet can add that creative appeal to any room while providing a more structured and tailored look. Not only do Pelmets add that perfect elegant finish, they also help to reduce light coming in and play an important role in insulating the home in winter and summer.

BQ Design pelmets are custom made to suit your client's taste or match your rooms theme. All standard pelmets are padded, however bonded pelmets can also be specified.

Save on heating and cooling

Adding pelmets to a heavy lined drape can reduce heat loss by up to 40%

Quality Control

Our highly skilled crafts people create the most well renowned Pelmets in Australia.

Quote assist

We can assist you over the phone with quoting, calculating fabric requirements and ordering. Our highly trained Customer Service team have over 60 years of soft furnishing experience.

A custom made BQ Design Pelmet

Selecting your desired Pelmet is as easy as 1 and 2

1Simply select your desired shape AND ADDITIONS


If you are a soft furnishing retail trader you can receive a quote or place an order by completing a worksheet - located in Job Track, or by phoning customer service on 1800 335 361.

If you do not have a registered trading account with BQ Design please register here.

1. Shape

Shapes available

  • P1 Straight

    Order Code: P1 Straight

  • P2 Shape 1

    Order Code: P2 Shape 1

  • P2 Shape 2

    Order Code: P2 Shape 2

  • P2 Shape 3

    Order Code: P2 Shape 3

  • P2 Shape 4

    Order Code: P2 Shape 4

  • P2 Shape 5

    Order Code: P2 Shape 5

  • P2 Shape 6

    Order Code: P2 Shape 6

  • P2 Shape 7

    Order Code: P2 Shape 7

  • P2 Shape 8

    Order Code: P2 Shape 8

  • P2 Shape 9

    Order Code: P2 Shape 9

  • P2 Shape 10

    Order Code: P2 Shape 10

2. Additions

Select your additions

  • Band with piping

    Band with piping

    Band with piping
    P1 standard piped top and base
  • Inset base piping

    Inset base piping

    Inset base piping
    P2 shape 1 approximately 60mm inset from base to piping
  • Fringe to base

    Fringe to base

    Fringe to base
    Ideal for a children's room. Image supplied by no chintz Textiles & Soft Furnishings