Motorisation for Blinds

All roman and roman blind styles manufactured by BQ can be easily motorised, enabling smooth automated and cordless opening and closing and increasing energy efficiency and security. We can supply your blind with a suitable battery or electrical operated motorisation system installed.

BQ offer affordable and accessible motorisation systems manufactured by Somfy and Acmeda and suitable for new and existing homes and offices. All systems are controlled by remote control. Wall switch, smartphone or tablet control is also available if additional equipment is purchased.

Consideration for motorised Roman blinds

For roman blinds a minimum 80mm headboard projection is required and side flaps are recommended for face fix blinds to hide componentry.

Roller and Roman blind motorisation – how to select the right Brand?

Acmeda – BQ Design would classify this as an entry option. Limitations: Remotely it doesn’t offer a ‘pre-programmed intermediate’ position. Available in 40mm motor only. 3 remote channels: 1 and 15. Acmeda offer a 5 year warranty for their wire-free motors and a 7 year warranty for their electrical operated motors and all remote controls.  

Somfy – BQ Design would classify this as the top end motor. This motor has an ‘up’ and ‘down’, as well as a pre-programmed ‘intermediate’ position. Somfy is the most well known brand in the industry. Available in 40mm and 50mm only. 3 remote channels; 1, 5, 16. A 5 year motor and remote control Somfy warranty applies.

BQ offer a 3 year production warranty on all the blinds.

All companies have technical support on the phone. Somfy may visit the site if necessary while others don’t offer that particular service.

What is the difference between a remote control and hard wire motor?

Remote control 

Somfy RTS system has an in-built receiver – which means that it is concealed in the tube.

Acmeda motors have an external receiver. This is a small white wire that protrudes from the tube to pick up the signal from the remote control. These external wires can not be concealed behind the wall.

Hard wire

A hard wired motor is used in conjunction with a home automation system, (ie. CBUS) or a simple wall switch.

How to select the right size motor for your blinds

Somfy motors are available in two motor sizes: 40mm and 50mm.

40mm – is the standard we recommend.  A 40mm is used as long as the blind weight limit is under 16 kilos.  As a guide this can be one blind that is 3000mm x 3000mm or linking 2 blinds at approximately 2400mm x 2400mm.

50mm is used if the blind weight is above 16 kilos.

Blinds can be linked. There is an additional charge for the blind that is being linked. However this can be more cost effective than ordering another motor.

What you need to know about installation

BQ Design standard order for electrical operated motors: You will receive the blind and “tail” at the time we dispatch the job. Please note: You will need to specify on the Roman or Roller blind order form if you wish the “tail” to be sent to you prior to us dispatching the blind.  This means the electrician can wire the “tail” in place first for the installer to simply install and plug in the motorised blind

If BQ Design is installing your motorised blind we require you to have the tail wired in place prior to the installer’s arrival.

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