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General Information for curtains


Beautiful, elegant and practical

Window coverings have the ability to create a mood for every room in your home and can also disguise a multitude of sins. Different styles and fabric options enable you to create an individual look that has the ability to transform a room, frame a window or brighten an otherwise dull room.

An investment in your surroundings, curtains are not only valuable for their aesthetic qualities, but also for the insulating and energy conserving properties they provide.

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Save Energy & Money

Savings of up to 40% can be achieved by installing heavy, lined curtains and pelmets on uncovered windows.

Pre-shrunk fabric

Fabrics recognised to shrink are treated by BQ Design's pre-shrink process prior to the curtain manufacturing process. This stabilises the fabric for optimum performance against environmental factors such as extreme temperatures.

Job Tracking

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Curtains & Blinds in Melbourne

Fabric by Unique Fabrics - Featuring "Colibri" yellow silk curtains and tailored window valance which adds interest to this modern take on a classic curtain.

Selecting your desired curtains is as easy 1 2 3

1Simply select your curtain style

2Then add any additions


Other products can be added to curtains including Pelmets, Window Valances, Swags and Tails (products manufactured by BQ Design, but not pictured on this site).

If you are a soft furnishing retail trader you can receive a quote or place an order by completing a worksheet - located in Job Track, or by phoning customer service on 1800 335 361.

If you do not have a registered trading account with BQ Design please register here.

1. Styles

Choices of styles available

  • Triple Pinch pleat Curtains in Melbourne € Triple Pinch Pleat Style

    Pinch Pleat (Double or Triple Pinch)

    Pleats are pinched in-groups of two or three with spacing approximately 10cm apart. Its popularity is due to being suitable for all fabric types. When the curtains are drawn the pleats stack back neatly, creating tailored folds.
  • Inverted Pleat Curtains in Melbourne € Inverted Pleat Style

    Inverted Pleat

    The Inverted Pleat is otherwise known as a reverse pleat or box pleat and offers a contemporary look. This curtain style does not stack back as comprehensively as other styles.
  • Evo Curtains in Melbourne € Evo Style


    The Evo offers a similar look to an inverted pleat. The curtain is made with a single pleat at the back which enables the curtain to stack back efficiently to maximise the window vantage. Evo runs on a glide system and BQ supplies the glides. Clients need to order an Evo rod which can be purchased through Vanda or Trackline
  • Gathered Curtains in Melbourne € Gathered Style


    Gathered headings are the most basic curtain style of all. A heading tape enables the curtain fabric to be easily gathered into loose pleats. BQ Design standard heading tape is 30mm which is featured in this picture. Multiple rows can be applied. Two (2) rows of gather tape are most common as it offers more flexibility with hook positions. Gathered curtains don't suit bulky fabric.
  • Pencil Pleat

    Pencil Pleat

    A pencil pleat is similar to a gathered curtain in that a heading tape of one or multiple rows can be applied to gather the fabric into pencil style pleats. The main difference is the heading tape is 75mm instead of 30mm, which creates a neater and more stable pleat. Multiple rows also offer more flexibility with hook positions providing greater control over where the heading sits in relation to the rod or track. Our standard one (1) row is featured in this picture.
  • Knife Pleat

    Knife Pleat

    As an alternative to a gathered heading a Knife pleat offers a neat and tailored look. A Knife pleat can only be made in a sheer fabric.
  • Ripplefold


    ipplefold is growing in popularity and is probably the most contemporary curtain style being used at present. A special Ripplefold track and press stud heading tape shapes the fabric into neat and simple folds. Ripplefold tracks can be purchased from Forest Drapery.
  • Eyelet


    Individual metal rings are punched through the fabric to make an Eyelet curtain. Eyelet sizes come in a 60mm external diameter and 40mm internal diameter. The 40mm internal diameter best suits a 25mm curtain rod. We supply a nickel plated steel eyelet as our standard. We also offer range of alternative colours: zinc, brass, antique brass, & black nickel.
  • Goblet


    A Goblet heading is a more formal style, where the goblets are filled with wadding. If you are furnishing a traditional or stately old home and have sumptuous fabric a Goblet heading could be a good option.
  • Flat Panel

    Flat Panel

    This style is ideal for lightweight fabrics, particularly linen-style sheers. We recommend 1.5 times fullness.

2. Additions

Select your additions

  • Continuous lead weight 25 or 70 gram
  • Contrast band across the bottom
  • Contrast band down the sides of the curtain
  • Tie backs – shaped or piped

3. Options

Lining Standard is 3 pass – Ivory

Other options available

  • 3 pass -white
  • 1 pass – ivory, off- white
  • Cotton supreme - white
  • Interlining –bumph (100% cotton)