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Bedheads Melbourne Australia



Essential Information

Custom Range Bedheads in Melbourne

Bring luxury to your space.

Beautify your bedroom in a flash with our range of fully upholstered bedhead styles and shapes. BQ’s bedheads are guaranteed to create a sophisticated focal point while delivering a real sense of luxury to your space. Select the exact design to match your interior space by choosing your style and desired shape. We do the rest.

Guaranteed Quality

Our highly skilled crafts people create the most well renowned bedheads in Australia.

Quote Assist

We can assist you over the phone with quoting, calculating fabric requirements and ordering. Our highly trained Customer Service team have over 60 years of soft furnishing experience.

Job Tracking

Receive your job on time every time with our innovative Job Track system.

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Bedheads in Melbourne, Australia

Custom made BQ Design Bedhead

Customising your desired bedhead is as easy as 1 2 3

1Simply select your bed head style

2Then choose your shape

3Add your additions

If you are a soft furnishing retail trader you can receive a quote or place an order by completing a worksheet - located in Job Track, or by phoning customer service on 1800 355 361.

If you do not have a registered trading account with BQ Design please register here.

Above bedhead design (in style BH8) by Samantha Elsworthy - September's Designer of the Month.

1. Styles

Choices of styles available

  • Stuckey Bedhead in Melbourne € Style 1

    Order Code: BH1

    Stuckey This style is attached to the wall above the bed and does not go to the floor. A stuckey is only available in Shape 8.
  • Padded Roll Bedheads in Melbourne € Style 2

    Order Code: BH3

    Padded Roll Padded roll with piping inserted below the roll.
  • Plain Bedhead in Melbourne € Style 3

    Order Code: BH4

    Plain Plain standard with piped top edge.
  • Piped walled front and back edge Bedheads in Melbourne € Style 4

    Order Code: BH5

    Walled standard with piped front and back. Other piping options are available if specified. (Note walled is projected 50mm off the wall.)
  • Stuckey deep diamond

    Order Code: BH7

    Deep Diamond Button Deep Diamond Button – with 5 rows of buttons. Railroaded fabric only.
  • Padded Roll

    Order Code: BH8

    Panel bedhead.

2. Shapes

Choices of shapes available. These shapes are guidelines. BQ Design can manufacture different shapes if a template is provided.

3. Optional Additions

Choices of options and components

  • Piping inserted above padded roll (only available with a BH3)
  • Covered buttons 20mm diameter (only available with BH 1,4,5 & 6)
  • Studs

Other alternatives available

  • BH1 alternative: half projection (55mm)
  • BH4/BH5 alternative: no piping
  • BH5 alternative: wrapped effect with no piping or seam along walled edge, only applicable to Shape 8