Meet Sierra Laurence, RMIT Bedroom Design Award winner 2017 - Designer Profile, December 2017

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Each year BQ Design has the pleasure of working with RMIT's Interior Design faculty in Melbourne. As part of the collaboration BQ conduct student tours of our workroom, provide soft furnishing classroom support literature and samples, participate in RMIT's mentoring and work experience program and sponsor the annual Bedroom Design Award in conjunction with fabric partner, Marco Fabrics.

The RMIT Bedroom Design Award requires all students in their final year of the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration course, to design a luxury master bedroom for a middle aged, well travelled couple living in a city apartment while working within a fabric and BQ soft furnishing manufacturing budget. 

The designs presented by the students this year were of an exceptionally high standard, making the judging process a difficult task.  

We are proud to announce Sierra Laurence as the 2017 RMIT Bedroom Design Award winner. Recently we met with her to discuss her winning design and future plans.  


What inspired you with the design of your winning RMIT Bedroom Design Award entry? 

For this project I wanted to push my own boundaries and come at the design from a new angle. I wanted to explore how masculine influences could be applied to my design aesthetic. The concept was based on a sunset in the African savannahs during the summer time. Muted hues were used throughout including: greens in deep olive and dry grasslands represented by pale golden threads. Leather and furs bring luxe elements to the space while keeping true to the tribal feel and the setting sun is represented by the brushed brass effect on the walls and lighting features.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?

My inspirations are derived from nature. Exploring the vast diversity of beauty it has to offer creates more curiosity to keep discovering what wonders it has yet to reveal. From the building blocks of life such as Fibonacci's golden spiral to bold colouring of a Macaw's feathers, I am constantly in awe of what our planet has to offer.


Why did you choose to study Interior Design?

It came as a natural progression while considering what creative avenue I wanted to take next. I have been passionate about design and property from a young age and knew I wanted to combine the two into a career.

Why do you enjoy Interior Design?

I enjoy developing new concepts and thinking outside the box. Having the flexibility of delving into many branches of Interior Design or being able to specialise allows for a fluidity in creative freedom which only a field like this can grant.

What trends in soft furnishings are you liking at the moment and what fabrics are you enjoying working with?

The movement towards bringing back fabrics like velvet with new technology applied, creates texture and interest. For the Bedroom Design Award I chose a watercolour sculpted velvet by Zinc. Its shapes were a nod to the undulated spots of a leopard. This enabled the viewer to be influenced subconsciously, allowing the primal animalistic elements of the design to take on more subtle layers.

What are your favourite elements of soft furnishings and why do you like working with soft furnishings?

My favourite element would have to be all the textiles that are coming back into vogue. Colours are back and they are bold, mixing prints and textures and creating unique spaces that not only are visually interesting but feel luxurious too.

Who are your favourite designers that impress you with their use of soft furnishings? 

Kelly Wearstler's avant-garde designs are favourites of mine. Her business model surrounding soft furnishings is a great example for young designers. Custom designed textiles are used in her pieces, as well as being able to purchase separately. This set up creates versatility, allowing designers to create their own one of a kind pieces to match the furniture. Timothy Oulton's use of quilted red velvet to line the interiors of his Cumberland pieces brings them to a new level of sophistication and opulence.

What websites, magazines and social media do you like to visit for design ideas and inspiration?

Vogue Living is my "go-to"magazine for Interior Design. I love checking out instagram updates on local Australian designers like Christopher Boots and Asaf Zakay. Pinterest is my main avenue at the moment with everything conveniently in one place. With personal images uploaded from all over the globe, it allows us to glimpse a more personal insight into how other cultures design their interiors.

Where do you hope your Interior Design studies lead you? 

As an Interior Designer I'm most drawn to working commercial projects. Hotels, casinos and apartment complexes are especially of interest. I'd like to one day specialise in designing large scale bespoke furniture and feature lighting to fill these spaces. 

My personal passion is to preserve the traditions of master craftsmen and weavers around the world, whose skills in this day and age are dying out. I want to incorporate these ancient techniques into modern designs to create unique pieces. My goal is to create a brand that is fair trade certified and to improve quality of life in these communities.  

What are your Interior Design plans for 2017?

Inspired by the likes of Oulton, I have been focusing on designing furniture collections and are currently working on modular furniture pieces that have a sculptural effect. I'm also looking at creating functional artwork that can be used in commercial and residential interiors.

What are the benefits of partnering with BQ Design to manufacture soft furnishings for your future clients?

BQ Design's hardworking team produce high quality results. Thanks to businesses like this, creating bespoke soft furnishings for clients is simplified. BQ are able to customise and create items to your exact specifications, ensuring both you and your clients will get the desired results.

Follow the links to find out more about Sierra:

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