Roller Blind chain stops to be installed onsite

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

As from 9 January 2017 all BQ Design roller blinds will be dispatched without an attached chain stop ball. 

Two nickel (silver) chain stop balls will now be included separately with each BQ chain operated stiffened, bonded and Home Range roller blind. Chain stops ensure your blind sits at the correct drop position when lowered, avoiding over lowering or rolling up too far resulting in the blind cloth being flipped over the blind tube.

Your blind fitter will now be required to attach the chain stop ball at the time of installation. This will ensure your blind is perfectly positioned and will avoid damage to the chain if the chain stop balls attached by BQ needs to be moved onsite.

Please refer below for installation instructions for your fitter.

Installation Instructions

Once the blind is installed and operating correctly lower the blind to the required finished length and take note of where the last bead on the chain is before if goes into the chain control mechanism at top of blind.

Then pull chain back so you can easily access and attach one ball stop with pliers to the identified bead position on the chain. For normal roll blinds the chain stop is attached to the chain loop front and for reverse roll blinds the chain stop is attached to the chain loop back, as per below images.

Clear chain stops are also available on request.

Should you have any questions please contact BQ Design on 1800 335 361 or