Robert Strang from Taits Interiors, August 2014

Monday, September 01, 2014

This August we want you to get to know Robert Strang, owner of Taits Interiors as it has been known for the last 50 years of business. Inspired by soft neutrals and bold accent colours, Taits, a Melbourne based company, specialises in custom made drapes, blinds, bedding and bed heads with a selection of stunning textiles at their finger tips.

Robert explained to us his history working with Taits and it's evolution in to the interior decorating industry.

Scroll down to find our interview with Robert about Taits' success over the years, and find a portfolio of their work below.

Introducing Robert Strang

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I was asked to join Taits Interiors back in 1973 while I was employed in a completely different field. The owner/operator was John Tait, who took me under his wing and taught me the ropes of the business, which back then was not involved in the decorating industry.

After about 10 years, he left the business and I’ve developed it further to create the Taits business as it is today, specialising in Custom made Curtains & Blinds, Wallpapers, Bedding and Upholstery Services.

Have you seen many noticeable changes on the industry?

Of course, styles & fashions come and go like in any industry. Different products go through phases of being popular, especially the range of blind products. Curtains have always been the strongest point for our business and changes in heading styles these days has been a great way to keep using beautiful, good quality fabrics that stand the test of time.

Where is Taits based and which areas do you service?

A little over 12 months ago we closed the showroom in Bayswater that was the original base for the business. We made the change so we could focus and be available to clients at anytime of the day, which is difficult when somebody needs to be at the shop front all day. We have a lot of clients in the Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges and both the Mornington & Bellarine Peninsulas, so we have re-structured our business to run from my home based office, which gives a lot more freedom and flexibility.

What keeps you driven after such a long time in the business?

I stay driven by the need to keep our customers happy and to keep delivering to the best of our ability. I love what I do!

Assisting clients with their choices and having such an impact on their living environment is something we take very seriously. Every customers' satisfaction is our first priority. Clients come back to us from one home to the next and the recommendations over years that we receive are wonderful.

What would you say your favourite part of your job was?

Visiting clients is sometimes just like visiting friends for me. They put such trust in our services and expertise, which we really appreciate. Clients who are happy to take on board our suggestions and knowledge are our real “Taits” customers.

What are the advantages of dealing with a company like BQ Design?

They are organised, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. If we require extra assistance with an order or to discuss a fabric issue, we always know BQ will help whenever they can. We have faith in their ability to produce the highest standard of work, which is what we, and most importantly our clients, expect.

What do the next 10 years hold for yourself & Taits Interiors?

We hope to continue to keep a positive presence within the market place as a small, professional team. Natalie, who has worked with me for nearly 15 years, is developing quite a good presence with social media and is keeping our look fresh and very visual.

We hope to grow our client base and strive to remain an inspirational business that people feel comfortable to approach, knowing that we will form a positive working relationship. And to keep practicing my golf!

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