Meet Virginia Polendakis, RMIT Bedroom Design Award winner 2016 - Designer Profile, December 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Each year BQ Design has the pleasure of working with RMIT's Interior Design faculty in Melbourne. As part of the collaboration BQ conduct student tours of our workroom, provide soft furnishing classroom support literature and samples, participate in RMIT's mentoring and work experience program and sponsor the annual Bedroom Design Award in conjunction with our new fabric partner, Marco Fabrics.

The RMIT Bedroom Design Award requires all students in their final year of the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration course, to design a luxury master bedroom for a middle aged, well traveled couple living in a city apartment while working within a fabric and BQ soft furnishing manufacturing budget. 

The designs presented by the students this year were of an exceptionally high standard, making the judging process a difficult task. We are pleased to announce Virgnia Polendakis as the winner of the 2016 RMIT Bedroom Design Award prize for her outstanding design.

Recently we met with Virginia to discuss her studies, winning entry and future plans.  

What inspired you with your winning RMIT Bedroom Design Award entry? 

My design was inspired by the texture and pattern abound in the coral and sea life of the Great Barrier Reef and Airlie Beach area, favourite locations of my clients. The striation and shades of blues along the shoreline of Airlie Beach are reflected in the roman blind. The roman blind has a depth of aqua and graduation of this hue that mirrors the Airlie beach shoreline. The fabric used on the European cushions resemble the coral found in these waters and the bedhead fabric reminds me of the patterns found on sea shells and tropical fish.


Why did you choose to study Interior Design? 

Interior Design has been a passion of mine since I was 17. I never thought to pursue it professionally until now. I originally studied as an accountant, protecting my passion. But when you are destined for something, it will somehow come and find you!

Interior Design gives me a deep feeling within. It makes my heart expand and to me iti is a sign that it is my truth. It gives me the opportunity to create an environment or space that the client imagines but can't create themselves. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, everything and everyone. It could be a quote I read in a book or magazine that may have allowed me to think about something from a different perspective. Travel provides fresh ideas. Philosophy where all of wisdom is found. nature where miracles unfold everyday.

What trends in soft furnishings are you liking at the moment and what fabrics are you enjoying working with?

Soft furnishings are the magic ingredient that turn a house into a homes. They give a home soul and character and are part of a design that can be easily changed as often as one likes or as much as one's budget allows.

It's a lot of fun mixing patterns, texture and colour and when thoughtfully considered and brought together they can truly make a space look amazing.

I find the application of technological advancements in fabrics fascinating. For example the adaptability and versatility offered with digital fabric printing. Customised items including wall coverings, window treatments, carpet, upholstery and bedding are now possible, making design more responsive to creative demand.

I also adore working with handmade Belgian linen. It is breathable, natural and durable. For window treatments, the soft nubby texture gives a warm relaxed look to a room. 

What websites, social media and magazines do you follow?

I enjoy reading Inside magazine, artichoke and Vogue Living. On Instagram I follow Fiona Lynch, Clare Cousins, Megan Hess, yellowtrace, Flack Studio, Mim Design Studio. 

Who are your favorite designers that impress you with their use of soft furnishings? 

Some designers I love are: William Morris, Sister Parish, Vincente Wolf, Marcel Wanders, Tricia Guild, Christian Lacroix and Greg Natale.

Now that you have finished your Diploma, what are your plans?

I have enrolled to study a Bachelor Degree of Interior Design with honours at RMIT. I also hope to get a part-time job in an architectural or interior design studio while I study.

What are the benefits of partnering with BQ Design to manufacture soft furnishings for your future clients?

The interior designer is assured quality of workmanship, service and minimal product lead times. BQ has special equipment that gives them the ability to manufacture to the client's exact specifications allowing a broader sense of creativity to be explored.


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