Meet Belle and Tim Chadwick from Chadwick Designs - Designer Profile, July 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Tell us about Chadwick Designs.

We provide expert window furnishings advice and installation to interior designers, architects and home owners. We're either working with the client to find the best solution for their space or we are given a detailed design brief and we make it happen. 

We specialise in curtains, blinds, shutters and external window and shade products but have a soft spot for curtains. The way they can completely change a room is so satisfying. There is a real art to perfect curtains from: fabric selection, lining combinations, pleats, hardware, measuring, making and installing. We work hard to ensure all these components come together flawlessly and the client is wonderfully satisfied. 

Chadwick Designs recognise that selecting window furnishings is an important decision for the client. Some of our favourite clients are those that waited and saved up just to work with us. Although they may sometimes be small jobs, they are incredibly rewarding. Window furnishings are pretty permanent and although we walk out of the house after the install, our work remains a big part of the house for a long time. We take every job very seriously. 

Our aim is perfection - with perfect finishes, perfect measuring, perfect making and a perfect install. 

Where do you get your inspiration?  

Thank god for the internet! We are addicted to Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz and have subscriptions to all the major interior magazines that we pour over late at night. The interior designers and architects of Canberra are also incredibly inspiring. In a small market like ours, the need to be creative with new ideas is paramount. 


What do you like about your job?   

Every job we complete is different. We have young first home owners wanting to make their space their own and experienced designers specifying particular finishes in wonderfully luxurious homes. We are also involved with commercial jobs for offices and design spaces. This variety of work is exciting and rewarding. Every job brings new challenges and opportunities.  

We also love the relationships we build with the interior designers, suppliers and end users we work with. Canberra is a wonderful word of mouth network and I relish the planning, building and expansion of our brand. 

We also love the freedom of small business. We can work a 60 hour week but we can still collect our two small children from school and enjoy plenty of time playing with them. We also get to work together. Tim's commitment to perfection is inspiring and driving. We sometimes drive each other mad and work can be inescapable but it's also enjoyable and worth it. Interior Design has endless possibilities and we are both fortunate to be part of this great ride. 

What plans do you have in 2016? 

We have huge plans! We have just opened a new showroom in Fyschwick. Belle has opened another business, a fabric agency, giving Canberra access to the best fabrics in Australia. It's extremely exciting to "up the anti" in the A.C.T. It's such fun to work with clients and see their face beam when we find the perfect soft furnishing combination. 

Our team is growing at a mind boggling rate. We are surrounding ourselves with the best in the business which is so exciting. Stay tuned as we grow and grow!

What have you been working on recently?  

We recently finished a project we worked on for over 12 months. It's an incredible house that has been nominated for House of the Year in the A.C.T. Architects Awards. This project was particularly rewarding as the client was so wonderful to work with. We planned and designed a retractable sunroof next to the lap pool, motorised roller blinds throughout the house and incredible linen curtains in the bedrooms. The house is amazing. Serious house envy here!

We have also had the privilege of working with a local non for profit, Karinya House. For the last 29 years, they have offered support and accommodation for vulnerable pregnant women and mothers with newborns. We were able to donate the window furnishings, and soft furnishings to their new $4.45 million purpose-built complex. They do an incredible job in making the world a better place and we are very lucky have gotten to know them all. A huge thank you to BQ for partnering with us to lend a helping hand.

At the moment we are working with a big local designer we have been keen to collaborate with since we opened our business. They are building a family home and decorating it with the most exciting fabrics and finishes. We are installing enormous drops of netted sheer curtains, commercial sized motorised blinds, acoustic theater curtains, bright kids rooms and more. We love working with people who aren't afraid to try something different. 

What current trends in soft furnishings and fabrics do you like? 

We are loving quilted fabrics at the moment, especially those from Febrik. They are brilliant on bedheads. The chill of a Canberra winter makes you want to bunker down and snuggle into a beautiful bed. 

The gorgeous handcrafted fabrics from Utopia Goods are also irresistible. Their designs speak to the soul and we're busting to include them in our own house. 

What are the benefits of partnering with BQ Design? 

BQ Design are complete pros. When we visited their business we were blown away with the knowledge, standard and professionalism. When your entire business is based on bespoke and customised products, working with a team who produce quality work is the most important factor. We are proud to work with BQ from the admin team, workroom staff, our gorgeous rep and everyone in between - it's always a pleasure.

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