Measuring and installing your BQ products is now even easier

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Measuring and installing window furnishings can be a tricky and time-consuming part of any soft furnishing design job. It’s also incredibly important to get it right the first time. Many customers approach us for help in this area and we want to provide the best installation service for our valued customers.

Meet Melbourne–based Jason Jowett

If you require assistance our measurer and installer, Jason Jowett, can help you. He’s been working in the soft furnishing industry for over 20 years and since 2008 he’s been an integral part of our BQ team. He is delighted to be given the chance to incorporate his manufacturing expertise with soft furnishing measurement and installation.

"I am really enjoying combining my years of manufacturing experience with the measurement and installation of products crafted by BQ Design”, says Jason, “I really understand how much hard work goes into building a BQ product. I’ve also had a lot of experience working in the building industry, so I understand what the installation of a product means to the manufacturer and also the customer."

"Understanding both sides has made me really particular about getting the measurements of a job right the first time. This is a critical requirement for the success of any job. Having been a part of the BQ team for years means I can sort through any installation issues quickly."

"I also love the installation part. It is a real thrill being responsible for installing some of our Interior Designers fantastic designs. Also from BQ’s perspective we are all about quality of craftsmanship. Therefore, at the end of the day the buck stops with me to make sure our product looks great - there is no way I’m going to let the team down."

Alongside our extended new range of products and services available, you can now be sure your measurement and installation job is finished to perfection.

Get started today

Please call (03) 9544 6299 or email to book in time with Jason.

If you work outside Melbourne we can also recommend a number of New South Wales measure and installation professionals. Simply call Customer Service on (03) 9544 6299 and we will be happy to recommend someone.