Sonia Warner and Jacinta Woods from Woods & Warner - Designer Profile, December 2014

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sonia Warner and Jacinta Woods are the dynamic design duo behind Woods & Warner, a boutique interior design and decorating practice located on Sydney's lower North Shore. Woods & Warner is a full service consultancy that creates innovative interiors and exteriors for commercial and residential properties.

BQ Design met with Woods & Warner to discuss their practice ethos, inspirations, recent projects and plans for 2015. Read our interview below.

Introducing Woods & Warner

What is your business philosophy?

Our practice style is to be creative with colour and fearless of combining pattern and texture. We don’t like to box ourselves into a certain look or trend. We are a client focused company that is committed to exceeding expectations and offering the highest design standards to all of our clients. We aim to create environments that meet our own high standards and also strive to bring to life the ideas of our clients.

Each new project is like setting off on a new holiday for us - we plan, budget, schedule, source and ultimately deliver a fabulous set of concepts to our clients.

What type of clients do you work with?

We are a design practice that primarily focuses on residential clients, however we do dabble in boutique commercial work. As there are two arms to the business - Design and Decorating, we enjoy new builds, small-medium renovations and of course our hearts lie in decorating spaces for clients that are after that special change.

What excites you about interior design and decoration?

Where do I start? We are involved in an industry that is forever changing, growing and exciting. We absorb all the latest interior trends and styles and are constantly inspired by the clever designers out there.

I guess what excites us is how you can be constantly creating new looks, new trends, new collections, which feels like a hobby... however this is our job, so we are extremely grateful to be a part of such an industry.

Tell us about a project you enjoyed in 2014

The year 2014 saw many great projects for Woods & Warner (previously known as Designers in the City). One of the highlights was working with Belle Magazine and Mirvac Harold Park to celebrate Belle's 40th birthday. Woods & Warner was one of four designers chosen to decorate an entire display apartment with a brief to express a decade in design. We chose to pay homage to the supermodels of the 90s. We used a predominantly black and white palette with an occasional pop of colour and generous lashings of ghetto gold. A range of beautiful soft furnishing were used in the apartment. In the living area and guest room we featured white walls painted with dramatic strips of black that followed through onto the curtains in sheer and blockout fabrics.

Stunning images from the apartment are featured in the December 2014/January 2015 edition of Belle Magazine and at the end of this page.

What are your plans for 2015?

DITC has a big year ahead. The team has grown in 2014 and we hope to increase again. We will always be a boutique practice, however we are still wanting to maintain exceptional service as we continue to grow. Next year will see us explode on social media platforms and perhaps the launch of a new online business all in the making currently. Oh and yes a holiday! NYC is definitely on the horizon for July 2015 and perhaps a quick trip to London.

What trends are you liking in soft furnishings at the moment?

The boom to get back into curtains I realise happened a couple of years ago but can I tell you it still is happening. Clients are absolutely loving what I call a completely dressed interior. What was once just curtains, is now bedheads, cushions, wall paneling and bedspreads. We are now more than ever using trims and detailing to give that individual and personalised look! We have a number of builds that are coming to end around Feb/March 2015 so the need for soft furnishings will be endless. We need to work on softening the spaces that we have created in the build stage.

What fabrics are you enjoying working with?

Look out for dusty tones in every colourway, making them more sympathetic with our interiors. Slightly weathered in tone presents palettes that are more relaxed yet still bright, and for some will ease the movement of high chroma pastels which perhaps are on the way out.

In soft furnishings embrace mixing patterns, geometrics and florals with bold stripes or waves is all the go! We are becoming looser in our combination of schemes and set trends. Rather, we are feeling the need to mix between eras and becoming bolder in our applications. Lots of digital velvet prints, colour blocking in fabrics and mixing textures within fabrics. Lots of fabrics that have mixed metal threads to add that touch of glamour and shine.

What are the benefits of partnering with BQ Design?

BQ is one of the most prestigious and largest soft furnishings manufacturers in Australia. Partnering with a company that has almost 40 years in the industry is not only impressive it gives confidence to not only the designer the end client also. As designers we have an idea in our head that can only come to life if you have teams behind you that can implement them - of which BQ has always fulfilled this for DITC. Their work is impeccable and turn around time from placement of order is always on time and delivered to perfection.

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