Kim Hunter from Hunter + Morgan, for November 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013

Every month we showcase one Australian designer who is using BQ Design soft furnishings in beautiful creative ways. It's all about showcasing the amazing talent out there and giving one Interior Specialist the chance to shine.

We call it BQ Designer of the Month and for November we have selected Kim Hunter from Hunter + Morgan.

Based in Melbourne, Kim has been an Interior Decorator for over fifteen years and for six of those years she's been using BQ Design's soft furnishings in her unique designs.

Here's a recent design from this month's selected Designer. Scroll down the page to meet our Designer of the Month.


Introducing Kim Hunter

We sat down with Kim to find out what makes her tick.

Which area/s do you specialise in?

Most of my work is residential interior decorating. Anything from complete refurbishments, to a single room that needs new inspiration to transform it into a welcoming space. Recently I've been working on the refurbishment of a country hotel. It has been very rewarding watching the hotel transform into something completely different.

What type of clients would you like to work with?

I enjoy working with clients that know what they want but just need some extra inspiration and guidance to help them turn their ideas into their perfect domain. Most clients know the feel they want, they just don't have the knowledge or resources to put it together. I believe a client has great satisfaction if they feel they have had input into the final decision rather being told by someone what they should do.

What do you love about being an interior specialist?

I gain a lot of enjoyment on completing a job when a client feels at home in their new space. It is just as rewarding for them as it is for me. Every client and every job is individual in its personality and creativity - that's what makes it so interesting and rewarding. New inspiration comes with every job! 

Where do you find your inspiration?

I like to think that I am in a perpetual state of inspiration where everything no matter how what it is has huge potential. Melbourne is such a great city where local artists enjoy great support from the community. Because of that, art is evident in even the most unexpected places. I love just walking the streets and being in awe of the beautiful architecture. At the same time, I like sitting in my living room and watching how the light and shadows change through the windows. For this particular project (see above image), I was inspired by the winter glaze of the Fitzroy Gardens in all it’s silver and green glory.

What is the most challenging part of your industry?

There are always challenges within every job. You really want to create the perfect outcome for each client and work within the refines of their needs, budget, time restraints and their ability to visualise the end picture. It can sometimes be challenging when a client has a certain idea but you need to convince them that there is a better alternative that will have a more impressive outcome in the end.

What is it like to partner with BQ Design?

BQ's range of soft furnishings and ability to accommodate, at times, unusual requests makes our job easier. They certainly try and meet our needs when possible. The customer service team is amazing and the communication between all parties is always a pleasure. I enjoy the working relationship I have with BQ Design.

Congratulations Kim, we look forward to seeing more of your work over the coming years!

You can contact Kim by email on or call 0402824101

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