Samantha Elsworthy from RMIT, September 2013

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Our Designer of the Month program is all about showcasing Australian interior specialists who use BQ Design products in inspiring ways.

Once selected we showcase each speacialists work, not just on our website but also across our social media network. It’s our little way of saying thanks to the many talented designers we work with day in and day out.

To launch the Designer of the Month program, we selected an Australian interior specialist with a big future.

Introducing Samantha Elsworthy

September’s Designer of the Month, Samantha Elsworthy, is also the winner of RMIT’s Student Project (you can read more about the winning design here). Samantha was selected thanks to her well thought-out design that combines a range of BQ Design products and Australian furniture designs to create a subtly exotic and inviting space.

Currently a student of Interior Design and Decoration and soon to be a fully fledged member of the industry, Samantha is sure to make a big splash in the industry over the coming years. 

Check out more images of her winning design by clicking here.

We sat down with Samantha to find out what makes her tick.

Which area/s do you specialise in?

As part of my work for KMD, I recently completed the design of a bespoke, high end kitchen that will be installed in September. I enjoy designing and documenting custom joinery, and I work particularly well where space is limited and spatial planning needs to be precise.

What type of clients would you like to work with?

After I graduate, I hope to join a multidisciplinary design firm that will allow me to continue working with high end residential clients, and also to test my skills in the retail and hospitality sectors. 

What do you love about being an interior specialist?

Seeing everyday spaces go from dysfunctional to extraordinary. A little bit of good design goes a long way and will dramatically impact the way people feel in and interact with a space. I look forward to creating interiors that people can have interesting relationships with and ones that will hopefully enrich their daily lives.

Where do you find your inspiration?

As a lover of art, architecture, animals, nature, and photography, I have found that inspiration often strikes when least expected; for example, last year I used the multiple contours of a resting woman as the foundation for a rug design. I am a firm believer in thorough research, I generally find that my most honest inspiration comes directly from the client and their experiences. As part of the research for the BQ Design & Zepel Fabrics soft furnishings project, I used my clients' extended history of living overseas as the inspiration for the fabric selections; "ikat-derived wallpaper, slubby Indian silk, and ziggurat embroidery that recalls the Aztecs" subtly alluded to their love of exotic locations.

What is the most challenging part of your industry?

Some of the potential challenges I look forward to are interpreting the client's needs, producing successful and rewarding outcomes for all parties, and making the budget (whether large or small) really work for the client. For example, during my recent custom kitchen project, I had to balance my creative aspirations with the need for a more pragmatic approach. 

What is it like to partner with BQ Design?

BQ Design make ordering custom soft furnishings very straightforward. They have a great house range, the staff go above and beyond, and the final product is only limited by your imagination.

Congratulations Sam, we are positive you will continue to create award-winning designs well into the future.

You can find Samantha on Facebook or email her at

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