BQ Design on The Block

Monday, August 04, 2014

We can now reveal the Interior Design couple we were helping. Who are they?

Deanne and Darren - the Melbourne couple

The Block Renovation Australia

Here's Deanne with our BQ Designers, Danielle and Jason.

BQ Design's Danielle explains what it was like working with the contestants on The Block.

What was it like working behind the scenes on the Block?

Both Jason and I had a great time working with The Block. It was definitely challenging - there were times when we were making curtains to suit a space that wasn't even there yet! This is obviously not something that would be done under normal circumstances. We enjoyed standing back at the end, and thinking, "We did it!"

It was great to get a taste of what the contestants go through, and exciting that we were able to see the progression of the rooms throughout the duration of the filming - it was like we were let in on a little secret!

Was it as busy and frantic as the show portrays?

Yes - it is unbelievable what needs to be achieved in such a small amount of time. We saw Darren a few times when he hadn't been to bed from the night before!

What did BQ Design manufacture for them?

We made a range of products - including some beautiful sheer curtains, a bed head, and cushions - I won’t give everything away. You’ll just have to watch. We manufactured a lot of their soft furnishings.

What where they like to work with?

Dee was great fun to work with and she has a great sense of style. Even though they were under an enormous amount of pressure, both Dee and Darren were a delight to work with.